So Cal Riders Please help!

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Tee Jay
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So Cal Riders Please help!

Post by Tee Jay »

Southern Cal riders can you please help? I'm planning a 4 or 5 day ride next month. I'm riding from San Diego along the coast of California. My Scoot is not freeway legal and I need to go past Camp Pendelton. Cars can go on the freeway and bicycles can go in a special lane. But where do i ride? If I Google map it (avoiding highways ) it suggests I go all the way around Lake Henshaw and through Ortega hwy. I have the Mil-Spec high visibility vest. I've asked the guard at the gate and they say they don't know. I've asked the CHP, they don't know. My cruising speed is around 48mph. Any body know how to get through?.

PS cant ride the new Stella caus I don't think she'll be broken in by then. But I'll be tryin.
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Post by ericalm »

I've been hearing all sorts of reports about Pendleton being open to riders now… or not. Try calling the base and make sure you note the name of the person you speak with. From what I've heard, the guards at the gate will allow or tell you totally different things.

You can go inland around the base, but it will add a lot of time to your first day of riding.

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Post by jijifer »

It really depends on who's working the gate the day you show up. Pendleton requires a M1 license, proof of MSF completion, full gear (helmet, long pants, boots over the ankles, jacket and reflective vests). That's the min requirement. We went to the gate they said we also needed to get approval from the base or a sponsor with permission to be on base to vouch for us.

Your safest bet is around Lake Henshaw. I've considered taking the 5 for that 30 miles very very early before there is traffic. but I planned on being in a group of 5 scooters such that we'd have a bigger profile on the road. Speed is one thing but the grooves in the pavement and debris found in the outside lanes are really the sketchy part.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes - San Diego to San Francisco is the dream for me!
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You COULD come inland on Hwy 76, make your way through Temecula into Lake Elsinore on side roads, then take the Ortega Hwy up and over to San Juan Capo....and pick up PCH from there...
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