Orders from Scrappy___ scooter.

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Tee Jay
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Orders from Scrappy___ scooter.

Post by Tee Jay »

I recently attempted to order a gy6 "Big Valve Head" from Scrappy---scooters. I ordered it in early October. After taking my money (150.00) Paypal, they sent me an e=mail saying "out of stock". I have ordered from, Scooterworks, Scooterwest, Aliexpress (China). Akunar (Thailand). and a company in Canada. All were good deals for the money. I thought that here in the "states" I would be safe. Needless to say they never updated me with a delivery time. I e-mailed them on 3 occasions. Everytime there was some BS excuse. On 12-20-11 I cancelled the order only to be informed "it should be here tomorrow", I cancelled the order any way and was informed that they (Paypal) can take your money immediatly but a refund will take up to 30 days. Yet to be credited anything
Thanks Alot
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Post by Wheelz »

If it's who I think it is, there's been a couple negative reviews on those guys on MB before, they don't seem to have it all together, or they do and they like ripping people off... :x
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Post by brianwheelies »

I have bought stuff from them because they are local. They always are busy or understaffed. Not very helpful with tech information either.
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Post by Dooglas »

Hope you filed a dispute with PayPal. (when there is any kind of problem with a PayPal purchase, always file a dispute. Easy to later drop it, or upgrade it to a claim as appropriate)
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Post by jijifer »

Getting the money back is a matter of Scrappy agreeing to give you a refund and then sending said funds to Paypal. Paypal doesn't sit on it for 30days before giving it to you, it's just that's likely how long the vendor has to reply.

I get a court ordered payment every month through Cali's restitution and recovery. Short of that payment being made in cash, there's a 30 day hold on credit card payments and 45 day hold on checks. Those are BUSINESS DAYS mind you. That's because that's how long the person paying has to dispute the charge, or cancel the check. The state isn't going to paying me so they protect themselves by not sending me the payment until it's cleared for sure. So I see a payment about every 2.5months. Super sucks but that's the way the world works.
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Post by tbonestone »

They're so lousy! I bought a carb on their website, only to find they had it on their ebay account for $10 less. I emailed asking for the difference back. Never got it... I wont buy from them again.
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Post by aaronnobody »

I ordered a gasket set for a 139qmb and got what I think might be a water cooled 150. their mistake, but I was told I had to pay shipping for the replacement and shipping for sending back the incorrect kit.

I decided to discontinue business with them.
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Post by jmkjr72 »

his primary market is the clone scoots and he doesnt even have a great rep there

dont even think about buying a whole engine from him

every post i see about the hm 90 and hm 100cc engiens he was selling as new

have come all beat up not packed properly and some even apear from the pics to be used engines and not new engines
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