Scooters at Winternationals

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Tee Jay
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Scooters at Winternationals

Post by Tee Jay »

We went to Pomona NHRA Winternationals on Thursday. Sitting in the stands was like a scooter parade. They (the drivers and pit crew) ride back and forth from the start to finish line to pits. Easy to tell the 2 strokes. Not a Vespa to be seen. The scooter watching was great. Eric, you're close, you should check these out. The power of the nitro cars is soooo scary (like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon). With ear plugs you still have to cover you ears. Your whole body rumbles and shakes when they go by. Scooters:A couple of Buddys (black Jacks). Alot of Zuma's. But Kymco's were everywhere. Kymco had a display. The Like 200i LX looked amazing at $2699. John Force (Funny Car winner)rides a Kymco and has signed some at the display for sale
If they (NHRA Races)are close by. Go to an event and watch both the scooters and the cars. you won't be dissappointed.
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Post by Syd »

I had to look up John Force, because for as long as he's been around and for as long as he has been competitive at the highest level, I figured he had to be a real old-timer. Turns out the only old-timer is me!
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Post by mrandmrslindholm »

We go just about every year to at least the Winternationals and Finals and have been for about 10 years now. We are really blessed to be able to go. There is nothing better than getting ones bones rattled by a 300 + mph top fuel dragster or funny car! :D We have watched John Force nearly crash his scooter so many times that it makes me nervous every time I see him get on his! They had a contest last year to win John force's scooter and I thought no way am I entering that one. He is really rough on his scooters! We paid attention in the pits this year to see what scooters were there and we saw just about every brand you could imagine. We did see a couple of Vespas in the pits but they were rare. It made us just want to go home and get ours to join in the riding. Unfortunately, that sort of things is frowned upon if you are not one of the competitors! TeeJay, if you go again, let us know, we would be happy to meet you.
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Post by viney266 »

I have seen them here on the East Coast at Maple Grove. I am more of a roadracing fan, but I agree. You gotta go see these things at least once in your life. The sights and sounds are amazing.
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Post by ericalm »

From what I've heard Kymco pays a TON of money to be the official NHRA scooter, though the individual crews have whatever they have. No idea if this affects sales at all…

Very cool that there are so many there!
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