Promotional sale from Dr.Pulley

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Promotional sale from Dr.Pulley


2019 Spring Announcement !!
Dr.Pulley® Black Pearl Roller

Black Pearl Roller promotional SALE!
Dr.Pulley® is going to publish a new material for weight roller (RR & SR) in Spring 2019! This innovative material (BPr3N-EX) has extraordinary characteristics of
• HIGH service temperature up to 356°F (or 180°C)
• HIGH dimensional stability
• LOW friction coefficient
• LONG service life

Black Pearl is the material especially formulated for high-end scooter makers, and will ONLY be available in OEM parts sales channel before 3rd quarter of 2019. But, the good news is that, we do prepare several sizes for our old and new friends to try it NOW! (So you don’t have to wait until the 3rd quarter of….)

The sizes and prices information will be here next week…

Agent Cancellation in Germany

The business between us, Dr.Pulley®, and Mr. Dirk Diestel (in Germany) has been terminated in the end of 2018. Starting from January 1st, 2019, we will not provide any Dr.Pulley® products to Mr. Dirk Diestel nor his own shop Dr.Pulley Scooter Tuning Shop (

Please be aware! The German online shop is NOT Dr.Pulley®. We will not be responsible for any comments over there.

If you’d like to purchase Dr.Pulley® products in Europe, please check the agents below,
-- SIP Scooter Shop ( )
-- ( )
We will strive to expand our agent network in the Europe and worldwide, and update the agent information on our website www.drpulley.NET

Thanks again for your support to Dr.Pulley®.
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Post by k1dude »

Can you post the info when it becomes available?
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Post by wheelbender6 »

Anything new on their sliders? I may try a set.
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Post by anamoto »

it sounds interesting. when it will be available?
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Post by tenders »

This was a very curious post...did anything ever come of the announcement? I see nothing else online except similar posts on the Burgman and Kymco forums.

There was certainly no news about "Black Pearl" Dr. Pulley products, or any new Dr. Pulley products, when I purchased a set of sliders from SIP last week.
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Re: Promotional sale from Dr.Pulley


HI, tenders,

Dr.Pulley's online shop is open, please visit .
You also can get photos of Black Pearl RR SR in ... 1#p1062631

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Re: Promotional sale from Dr.Pulley

Post by scootERIK »

It has been 2 years since the first post mentioned Black Pearl rollers and sliders and they still haven't really hit the market, other than some pictures and a couple of ebay ads(that don't even mention Black Pearl.) I did a quick look and they don't appear on the "official" Dr. Pulley website.

I can't figure out if this is a scam or if Dr. Pulley has really dropped the ball on releasing their new Black Pearl coating. So I would just say be careful if you are thinking of buying anything from the links.
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Re: Promotional sale from Dr.Pulley

Post by DeeDee »

I have a set. They were new in the package under the seat of a C3 I bought at the end of summer. I've moved on to using the Motoritech tech pulley flying rollers. I was having trouble finding the weight I wanted in Dr. Pulley sliders.
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