Hello again!

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Hello again!

Post by cadillaczac »

Just wanted to say hello to all. After a long hiatus and selling of my 2009 Italia in 2010 for a motorcycle I am back on a buddy, this time a 2009 St Tropez. I gained valuable knowledge from this forum and its members and am currently in the process of modding this new scooter out. As I forgot a few things I came back and now I'll be doing some maintenance this weekend and changing out the sliders. So far I've put the Prima pipe and a new rear tire on but many more to come as I plan on this one being better than my last.
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Post by jrsjr »

Welcome Back, cadillaczac!

P.S. I also bounced back and forth between motorcycles and scooters. I got an old used Nazgûl (black Honda Silver Wing) and stuck with that ever since. It's the best of both and thanks to the fact that it's a scooter, the motorcyclists hate them and thanks to the fact that it's a motorcycle, the scooterists hate them, so used prices are incredibly reasonable, cheaper than a used Buddy, even.
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Post by olhogrider »

Welcome Back! I was away from scooters for a little while but I'm back. I also have motorcycles. To me they are all part of the same family. Two (or even 3 in the case of the Ural) wheels and a motor is all I need.
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