What accessories do you have and how do you use them?

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What accessories do you have and how do you use them?

Post by keightley »

Hello - I just bought a white 2009 Genuine Buddy 125cc. This will be the second one I have owned. I want to accessorize it up. It already has undercarriage LED lighting. I have already decided that I am going to add Kmax Top Case in white, a short Cuppini windscreen, and hidden GPS tracker. I am debating whether or not it would be worth installing the Kmax LED back lighting kit, black cowl protectors, and a black front folding rack or the front wicker basket.

My last genuine buddy I just drove around downtown Salt Lake. I am kind of interested in going on some longer rides to explore Utah a bit so I was thinking that maybe front rack might be better than the wicker basket. Along with this line of thought, I began thinking that getting a roll bag might be a good way to carry items such as a cable U-lock or disc lock, a cover, a few basic tools, and a copy of my title and registration.

So I am wondering. What kind of accessories did you install on your buddy? How do you use these accessories?

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Post by wheelbender6 »

I have a medium height windshield. It great for winter rides but I remove it for the other seasons.
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Post by tenders »

* LED headlight, $20

* Wire in deadlights with kit and replace with LEDs, $16

* RAM style wireless phone mount, $25
Search for “Motorcycle Phone QC3.0 USB Qi Fast Charging Wireless Charger� on AliExpress.com

* Combo clock/thermometer stickon! $8
Search for “Motorcycle Clock Watch Luminous With Temperature� on AliExpress.com

* Mini garage door remote, $10 (check for compatibility with opener)

* Carrier bucket knob-style bolts, $6

* Brake master cylinder cover bolts, M4-0.7-12mm (Q:4), change to Allen head stainless (+hex wrench)

* Carb bolts, M4-0.7-14mm (Q:2), change to Allen head stainless (+hex wrench)

* T wrench with sockets, $20

*Grip lock, $50
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Post by BayStateScooterist »

On my Buddy 150, I have installed a K-Max top case, Cuppini Windshield, and dead light conversion kit for LED running lights. All three are very useful accessories. I had a front metal basket that came with it, but removed it, didn't like the looks.
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