A couple of safety tips.....

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A couple of safety tips.....

Post by charlie55 »

It's been a while since my MSF course, so I don't remember if these topics were covered or not, but personal experience has prompted me to do so here.....

In this first scenario, I'm assuming that the overtaking vehicles are approaching on your left, but it also applies if they're on your right. So, you're cruising along at the speed limit when you notice a vehicle coming up on your left. Normally not a big deal. However, pay careful attention and see if there's a vehicle directly behind it, especially if they're tailgating the first one. There's a strong possibility that the driver of the lead vehicle is either being pressured by an aggressive driver, or is thinking that they need to yield the lane pronto. Either way, this heightens the probability that that driver is going to dump into your lane prematurely. The probability increases if there's another vehicle just ahead of you on your left. In my experience, when this happens on your right side you're dealing with a couple of boy racers playing tag with each other. Personally, I ease off the throttle a little and move a little to the side of my lane furthest from the potential cut-off.

The second scenario occurs when you're ready to make a right turn onto a multi-lane road (let's assume two lanes in each direction). You check for traffic in the lane closest to you, see that it's clear and pull out. This can be a huge mistake. What you really need to do is check for traffic in both lanes. I can't tell you how many times I've had a clear lane to turn into only to have a driver in a farther lane switch into it at the last second. This is especially true if you're pulling out of a parking lot onto a road that has lots of businesses with their own lots. And if you're concerned about impatient horn honkers behind you - don't be. Horns and screaming can't kill you, but getting T-boned will.

Ride safe, show respect, ignore idiots.
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Post by tenders »

Good advice. I would generalize #1 by suggesting that riders develop a hypervigilant Spider Sense whenever they find themselves in or near a nearby vehicle’s blind spot. Doesn’t matter whether you are overtaking or being overtaken, or on which side - whenever you’re near somebody who might not be seeing you even if they should see you, or had seen you: be super aware of them.
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Post by wheelbender6 »

The second scenario happens to me at least weekly in my truck. Cagers will "dive" into the right lane without a signal and without regard for vehicles entering the roadway.
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Re: A couple of safety tips.....

Post by JettaKnight »

Sorry, you lost me at:

charlie55 wrote: So, you're cruising along at the speed limit when you ....

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