What's considered normal idle noise?

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What's considered normal idle noise?

Post by mukaiboston »

My 170i has a stock exhuast (once replaced). Usually it's pretty loud when in motion, but when braking and the engine switches to idle, it gets a bit more quiet.

In the past, the idle has been relatively loud, sometimes pretty high. Then the engine started having surging problems until finally it wouldn't idle right and the engine light came on. Turns out the temperature sensor went bad. When I replaced it, the engine idle was a lot more quiet...to the point I wasn't sure if it had stalled when coming to a stop. (It never stalled; just a really quiet idle). I assumed the high idle before was a result of the bad temp sensor and that the engine is actually supposed to run quiet.

Then over this past weekend I had to change the rear wheel. When I went to remove the exhaust, the two bolts holding the pipe to the engine were not tight at all. So when I put the exhaust back, I tightened them decently (not too much though!), and now the engine idle is even more quiet. Sometimes I think the idle is so low, it is going to stall on me. But whenever the idle seems to get too low, the ECU kicks in and increases the idle speed.

No problems accelerating though and no problems starting it up. No matter how low and quiet the idle is, as soon as I pull the throttle, the thing takes off at top speed.

As someone who has dealt with engines stalling, I find myself getting a bit paranoid when the idle is low or the engine is too quiet. If this were a carburator, I'd be cranking up the idle screw just for piece of mind.

Anyone else run a really quiet engine? With all the talk of loud engines, I'm wondering if mine is normal or I'm just paranoid.
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Post by JettaKnight »

You're complaining that it's too quiet when idling?
Do you wear earplugs?

Either get an aftermarket exhaust, or get over it.
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