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Buddy 125 Mixture Screw

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 9:33 pm
by carsoncraig4
Believe I have a problem on my hands. I recently installed a UNI pod filter and NCY filter on my Buddy 125 Psycho. I also ordered a customized jet kit from 6 Sigma jets in order to tune my carburetor to its fullest potential. The final step was to adjust the mixture screw.

The instructions said to drill through the plug over the screw using the appropriate drill bit provided. I drilled, pausing to check for the screw head often, and did not see it. I ended up drilling deep enough that I came to the conclusion I must have missed the head and drilled through the screw.

I am posting this asking for advice: Should I attempt to remove the screw with an extraction bit and replace it? Or is all hope lost, and a new carburetor is needed?