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No Spark

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New to this board My name is Keith. I purchased a 2006 Qlink Pegasus 150 cc Scooter. The Bike has been worked on with a no spark issue. Got it cheap enough with all plastics intact . I got extra parts with it Stator 3 CDI boxes 1 is aftermarket and 2 coils . The owner said they had it running then quit.
Looks like the wiring harness was retied to the frame. I understand there is a Kickstand kill switch which works . Ans also a kill switch on right Handelbar. I have a shop manual for it is their a elec, part that usually fails with no spark issue,.? Anyone have this problem on theirs before. I restore Motorcycles but decided to buy this Scooter on a whim,.lol

Any help appreciated Keith,.,
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Re: No Spark

Post by Stanza »

Hi Keith, there probably won't be too much in the way of "I've had and worked on those bikes before", as that's a chinese GY6 model, whereas this forum is for the Genuine line of scooters, so different wiring, different regulator, potentially different CDI and Stator, etc. A lot of this stuff will be cross compatible in terms of how it's set up, but in terms of direct experience, this may not be the right place.

All this being said, does yours use an AC or DC cdi? Upload a picture of it, for reference. DC is about the size of a deck of cards, AC is barely wider than the plug that connects it to the harness. If it's AC, are you getting 110-150ohms resistance from the timing coil wire? Should be blue with either a yellow or white stripe. If so, are you getting 60-80 volts AC from the red/black wire when cranking? If yes to both, then your stator is probably fine, and you have either a bad CDI, bad ignition coil, or something in the harness which is grounding out your timing signal. -
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