Hazards out of sync. Sometimes lights don't come on.Electrical?

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Hazards out of sync. Sometimes lights don't come on.Electrical?

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Today, I opened the right handlebar to check the throttle cable. I'm probably going to replace it as a precaution after learning they aren't supposed to last long and just wanted to make sure it wasn't deteriorating. Literally, all you do is pop off the dashboard and then unscrew two screws on the handlebar enclosure. I opened it to pull the cable out and then put it back in.

But as I was screwing it back together, I figured I'd better check all the buttons to make sure I didn't knock a connection loose. I turned on the hazards and only the left turn signals were flashing. Both right turn signals (front and back) and the green right arrow on the dash were all out. As I was opening things back up, both turns signals started working so I just started reassembling everything.

I did have the scooter attached to a battery tender while all this was going on because it's an ice storm here and I can't ride and don't want the battery going flat in the cold while running the lights. I looked over at the battery tender and saw the light was orange (meaning charging the battery). I turned off the hazards and the light turned green (fully charged). Then I decided I didn't know what affect this was having on my scooter by running the lights off of the house's electricity let along trying to hit the ignition so I unplugged the tender before starting the engine.

I played around with turning the scooter off and on again without starting it and using the turn signals. Sometimes the right turn signal would not work. The relay would make the clicking but no lights, front nor back, and no dashboard LED. When turning on the hazards, sometimes only the left turn signals would come on, then the right turn signals would come on and be slightly out of sync for a few clicks. After doing this experiment several times, finally the right turn signals seemed to stay on. I whacked the handlebars and shook the scooter trying to see if there were loose connections, but the problem didn't reoccur so I left it.

Anyone heard of this? I thought maybe I bumped a connection in the handlebar but why would the dashboard light and the rear signal also go out. Don't know much about electric, but aren't turn signals controlled by capacitors? I'm wondering if I messed up the voltage fooling around with the scooter's battery plugged into the wall. Or are there other loose connections I should check? I have no clue why the dashboard LED would fail to light up and it sounds like a central problem.
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Re: Hazards out of sync. Sometimes lights don't come on.Electrical?

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Sounds like low voltage.
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