Royal Alloy GT 150 info

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Royal Alloy GT 150 info

Post by Raz »

Who can give me a review of the Royal Alloy GT 150?
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Re: Royal Alloy GT 150 info

Post by Guff »

If you search it, there's a few of us that weighed in on them. I just sold mine with 850 miles on it
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Re: Royal Alloy GT 150 info

Post by scootERIK »

There are some reviews in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=32314

I would like to see more Royal Alloy owners post reviews, or add to their old reviews. I have read a lot of reviews and watched some of the youtube videos from when it was released but I am more interested in real world experiences. I would really find out how performance changes after ~2,000 miles.

Hopefully more people will buy Royal Alloys this year and join the forum.
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