170i Airbox Question

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170i Airbox Question

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I noticed the cover for the air box has a rubber divider with a rubber tube through it. Both parts can be pulled out. Air goes through the tube on the way to the engine. Thinking I might remove the divider & see if it flows more air. I'd guess no but I'm curious, will try later this week. Question is, does the fuel injection compensate for a slight increase of air air flow? I can't insert the pic I took.
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Re: 170i Airbox Question

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I pulled the divider out of the airbox on my 125 and it ran awful (even after jetting up 3 sizes). I have heard that the constant velocity carb doesn't like pod filters or air box mods.
You may have better results with EFI. It costs nothing to try it.
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Re: 170i Airbox Question

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