Buddy 125 Gear Oil Concern

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Buddy 125 Gear Oil Concern

Post by PistolPete7390 »

I just changed the gear oil in my 07 Buddy 125 and went for a ride, when I returned I have gear oil all over the back Tire, but zero sign of a leak without taking off the back tire. I'll have to do that tomorrow to really look. Really hoping its an over fill issue and not a bigger problem.

1. Is there a gear oil over flow valve that'll release excess gear oil when pressure is built up? I was riding it my scooter wide open.

2. How much gear oil goes in the buddy 125??

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Re: Buddy 125 Gear Oil Concern

Post by scootERIK »

You probably overfilled it. It only takes 90 ml(or 90 cc) when you refill it. There should be a sticker near the fill hole that has the amount. Even if you only overfill it by a little bit it will make a pretty good mess.
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