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DIY tools and resources

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<a href=" ... 7879">Home Made Bike Lift</a> thanks, jmkjr72

Glove wipers (external link) <a href=" ... >[i]thanks, Ericalm[/i]</a>

<a href=" ... 198">Buddy Camera Mount</a> thanks, rsrider

<a href=" ... 27">Custom Floorboards (Blur, but method applicable to Buddy)</a> thanks, davelhunter

<a href=" ... ">Creating an extension/riser for the rear rack</a> thanks, michelle_7728

DIY Heated Gear (external link) <a href=" ... >[i]thanks, Kaos[/i]</a>

<a href=" ... l">Cutting down your own seat</a> thanks, rickko

Cutting down your seat, tutorial 2 (external link)

<a href=" ... ">Charging system monitor</a> thanks, Charlie55

<a href=" ... enterstand Mod to reduce scraping</a> thanks, dalvarado

<a href="">Buddy Battery compartment mod to accept a larger battery</a> thanks, dalvarado

<a href=" ... enterstand pin lock</a> thanks, Scootertrash

<a href=" ... +pin">Holy crap - here's the motherload of ideas thread</a> thanks, Scootertrash

Buddy Under-Frame Debris Shield thanks, Hugo

Stella Turn Signal Beeper/Buzzer Replacement by ericalm

Pictorial of installing a Gorilla 8007 alarm on a Buddy 125 by michelle_7728
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