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Manuals, Service Manuals, Parts, Ephemera

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Please note: Service manuals and parts diagrams are intended for use by dealers, trained mechanics and authorized service providers. Users take full responsibility for any DIY repairs, modifications or maintenance they do. Parts diagrams and catalogs are best used for identification. Parts should be ordered from your dealer or an authorized retailer such as Scooterworks or Motorsport Scooters.

Updated Owners Manual: Buddy 50, 125, 150, 170 (4MB PDF)
Buddy 50, 125, 150 Owners Manual (8MB PDF)
Buddy 125 Service Manual (22.1MB PDF) (Almost all of this is relevant to Buddy 150 as well.)
Buddy 50 Service Manual (11.34MB PDF)
Buddy 125 Parts Diagrams (1.14MB PDF)
Buddy 125 Parts Diagrams (1.14MB PDF) (Most relevant to 50 and 50)
Buddy 125 Parts Catalog (2008, 284KB XLS)
Buddy Carburetor (Carb) Diagram (700Kb JPG, from Service Manual)
Buddy 50/125/150 Wiring Diagram (85Kb PDF)

Buddy Miscellany
Buddy Windshield Installation (23KB PDF)
2006 Genuine Buddy Brochure 1 (1.1MB PDF)
2006 Genuine Buddy Brochure 2 (502KB PDF)
PGO "USA BuBu" (Italia) Brochure (2.6MB PDF)
PGO BuBu Brochure (1.7MB PDF)

Hooligan 170i Owner's Manual
Hooligan 170i Service Manual

Stella 2T (two stroke)
Stella 2T Owners Manual (2.6MB PDF)
Stella 2T Service Manual (25.1MB PDF)
Stella 2T Parts Catalog (2.5MB PDF)

Stella 4T (four stroke)
Genuine Stella 4T Owners Manual (5.2MB PDF)
Stella 4T Service Manual (35.8MB PDF)
Stella 4T Wiring Diagram (251KB PDF)

Stella Miscellany
LML Star 2T Brochure (Europe, 1MB PDF)
LML Star 4T Brochure (Europe, 3MB PDF)
Stella GB150 Special Edition Ad (565KB JPG)
Stella 4T prep video (Genuine):

G Max 150 (Blur) Owners Manual (1.51MB PDF)
G Max 150 (Blur) Service Manual (14.35MB PDF)
Blur Parts Diagrams and Catalog (2.21MB PDF)

Service Manual (15.38MB PDF)

Misc. Genuine
Genuine Warranty Card (206KB PDF)

Misc. PGO
PGO 2007 Brochure (1.2MB PDF)
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