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Searching Modern Buddy

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The quickest and easiest way to find information on ModernBuddy is to use our search function. It also helps us with reducing the number of repeated posts and topics. It's not he best search engine in the world, but there are some ways you can make your searches more effective.

The following tips were written for ModernVespa by member Harvey, who granted me permission to re-use them here.


Here’s an important tip:
in the Search panel under the Search box there's two buttons- they're normally set to search for ANY of the words you type in.
Click on the 'Search for all terms' button to set the search for posts containing ALL the words you've entered.

Here's a tutorial for learning the Forums Search features.

1. Just under the Modern Vespa target there's a line of links, the third one being the 'Search' feature. click on it.

2. On the Search page there's two panels; the upper Search Query and the lower Search Options.

3. In the Upper panel the Search Query box is used for Searching for the words or phrases you'll interested in. NOTE; there are two buttons below the keyword search box. The default setting 'Search for any terms or use query as entered' returns ANY messages containing ANY of the words you typed in. The second button 'Search for all terms' returns only those posts containing ALL the words you've used.

4. The lower panel in the Search Query box is used for Searching for Authors: you can search for Keywords and Authors in the same query.

5. The Search Options panel allows you to choose Which Forum to search or search All the forums (upper left of the panel), or what class or Category to search in (Forums, Classifieds or Reference) as drop down menus. finally the two lower left buttons allows you to display the results as single posts (Posts) or message threads (Topics)

6. The right side of the Search Options panel allows to (from upper to lower);

• Search all posts or limit them by time.
• the next buttons allow Search all the post, just the titles or just the messages. [EDIT: Searching by just subjects/titles is not available on ModernBuddy at the moment. Working on it! —Eric]
• Search by post: time, post subject, title topic or author or forum; Title topic brings up fewer hits (easy to look though)
• the next buttons allow sorting in Ascending or Descending order
• The Return first (drop down menu) characters of posts works to show part the message body when the lower left Display results as: Posts is selected.

Finally; Start the Search using the lower central Search box.


Tip: Right clicking (or Ctrl clicking on Mac laptops) on the results the will open the posts in a new tab, allowing for easier scanning of the results.

Using Google & How to search for an exact phrase:
You can use google to search in the modern vespa site (this limits you to information posted prior to the last time google scanned the forum) by adding after your search term. In Google you can contain the phrase you're searching for in "quotations". Note the quotations feature doesn't work for the forum's search function.
For example try searching for "custom paint job" on the forum; the first hit is about a custom seat looking good with a paint job.
Now try Google "custom paint job" the first hit is Modern Vespa : Fuoco Custom Paint Job

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