Introduction - Stella 4T in Chicago

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Introduction - Stella 4T in Chicago

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I'm a new member of the forum, a long time 2 wheel rider, but this is my first scooter. I recently bought a Stella 4T, built in 2011, with 4400 miles on the odometer. I also own several motorcycles, including a Royal Enfield Classic 500.

I'm currently working through the various issues that any vehicle can acquire over a decade, so far,
- Replaced the Sava whitewalls with a pair of Michelin S83's.
- Changed the oil, Shell Rotella T5 15W-40.
- Fixed the seat latch, had to bash the bracket mounting the rear rack into a shape that would allow the latch to engage.
- Diagnose faulty front brake light switch and order replacement.
- There's an issue with the electric start, hopefully just dirty solenoid contacts, she starts nicely with the kicker.
- Cosmetics on the right side need some attention.
- I want to add running lights for better visibility.

I enjoy the scooter, lots of fun, and very maneuverable for my urban commuting lifestyle.

I would have attached a picture, but getting a "file too large" message, even though the file size is just 250Kb. Perhaps this is a nooby restriction?
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