Need help with Polini carb and GPR exhaust for Stella 4T

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Need help with Polini carb and GPR exhaust for Stella 4T

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Hey folks--

I just got a GPR exhaust (thanks BigDaddySnakeOiler!) and a Polini/Mikuni carb for my Stella 4T. The scooter runs great right now, but the stock exhaust will need a replacement before too long and I thought I might as well upgrade the carb whlie I'm at it.

I thought I would just take the parts to my local shop (Commonwealth Motorcycles in Louisville) and have them do the work, but to my surprise no one in town wants to mess with a 4 stroke Stella.

I'm mechanically inclined, and can follow a set of instructions, but am not finding any instructions on how to do it. Don't know much about jetting and whether the ones that come with the Polini will run well with the GPR, etc.

Been looking around this site and the LML Great Britain site.

Anybody know anyone in Louisville or somewhere in the Mid South who might be able to do the work or help me through it?

David Dillard
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