2T Exhaust Spoon?

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Exhaust Spoon tip?

Good Idea (keeps oily exhaust off wheel and tire)
Bad Idea (ruins your exhaust geometry)
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2T Exhaust Spoon?

Post by Mr.FixIt »

I saw this "exhaust spoon" thing on Youtube by user Stariocek. It looked liked an interesting concept. It looks like a spoon-shaped shield to keep the oily exhaust directed away from the rear wheel and tire. I'm constantly cleaning the rear wheel and rim on my Stella 2T.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? There is a lot science behind 2 stroke exhaust design. The length of the exhaust and shape is supposed to provide the correct backpressure reflection. By installing a spoon-shaped shield that really doesn't enter the direct exhaust path of flow adversely affect the performance of the exhaust?

I made one out of stainless last night for kicks. I didn't notice any difference on the ride to work this morning. (I'm still in break-in mode, so no WOT and no speeds over 40mph tested.)

What are your thoughts and experiences?
Test Spoon
Test Spoon
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Post by Stanza »

It's not going to affect things as much as you're thinking. Run it, rejoice in a clean rear wheel. As long as it isn't actively obstructing exhaust gasses (aka covering the pipe), you're good.
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Exhaust spoon

Post by Houseoffubar »

No joke! I am picking up my first Stella 150 later today, and the tire is sopping wet with oil.
That said, don’t sweat any running change. This should have a completely immeasurable effect on exhaust tuning.
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exhaust spoon

Post by modsquad »

Great, inexpensive, idea for keeping rear wheel and tire free of oil. You all know oil and water don't mix.
I love the smell of 2 stroke oil in the morning
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