Stop Light Old Skool

The original 2-stroke Genuine scooter and its 4-stroke manual and automatic offspring

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Stop Light Old Skool

Post by Christopher »

What do you think this would look like on a Stella? I know that the mount to the scooter would need to be made. ... R36EW4V4J1
Willie B
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I've ridden bikes all my life and totally understand someone looking to put their spin on their bike. Considering you're riding this on the road/street, I would be more inclined to have something that's going to get the attention of those on the roadway with respect to visibility. We've all witnessed or heard of people being run over by someone who swears they didn't see the rider. I would rather be seen and heard than maimed or dead.
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Post by 2003stellaDave »

I are I agree with Willie B.
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