Tire change

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Tire change

Post by Mike1nw »

Just changed a tube on friend's Stella 2T. A new experience for me.

Lots of RUST! :cry:

It seems that water gets into the tire cavity between the split rim discs.

Would it be useful to run a thin bead of RTV around the inside of the rims before bolting together?
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Post by 2003stellaDave »

You could try it and let us know.

I’d clean off the rust and then apply a thin coat of grease between the rims.

I think rust builds up from non-use of the scooter. If you ride a lot you’ll need to change the tires/inner tubes couple of years and the rust will not get so bad.
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Post by redpaladin »

Were you able to fix it?
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Post by johnk »

I had the same problem. If you want to do your friend a big favor, I'd recommend sanding off the rust and repainting; otherwise the rust will keep spreading.

I don't have any experience with RTV, but I agree with 2003stellaDave that some kind of grease is probably better than a sealant, as a sealant will make the rims harder to split in the future. I'm a big fan of Fluid Film for keeping moisture out and inhibiting rust. You can safely spray a generous amount between the rims.
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