Restoring my 2013 Stella 4t

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Restoring my 2013 Stella 4t

Post by Cahalith »

I bought by stella brand new 7 yeara ago and used it as my daily driver for over a year. I lost they keys during one of my multiple moves over the years, and sadly left her sitting in a garage for the better part of 5 years. With the shelter at home order in place in my state, I decided now is as good of a time as ever to try and get my scoot up and running again, and try to restore the years of neglect.
Unfortunately, I am not a mechanic in the slightest, but I am willing to learn what I need to in order to get this task done, and I have a good buddy with more mechanical know how that me to help trouble shoot any issues I will have.
My question to everyone here is what sorts of issues should I look at after 5 years of sitting? So far I've taken the tires off and have seen no sign of dry rot. There is no rust that can be seen on the engine and it will turn. Brake lines and clutch all feel good. I plan on ordering the Haynes manual for PX series vespas as well as a new set of locks and tumblers to replace the ignition, glove box, and saddle lock.
I know I'm probably in over my head but I hope to find some hope in getting my stella as good as new as I possibly can.
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Post by youkiddin »

don't get the p manual, little in there is going to be of any use to you. here is your manual ... manual.pdf you may find some parts at sip in germany, also look for lml parts
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Post by milly »

Tasso parts in the UK has lots of lml stuff and maybe ebay.
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Post by G-Rod »

Boy....wish I were you. The Covid cloistering has me holed up taking care of my folks just north of NYC (aka. The Covid Kill Zone!). I’ve a beloved 4T that I would love to be wrenching but it sits on tender 300 miles north. Oh well....that’s life. By all means download the suggested manual and keep in touch here. Take/post lots of pictures as you go. I figure there are lots of us who have time to fill. Good luck. ��
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