what’s leaking from the carb?

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what’s leaking from the carb?

Post by RichF »

would this be gas leaking from the carb box area causing this? I checked the gas line in and float area and those seemed tight. (the first picture showing below and behind the carb area is after i had cleaned up a lot of the gunk. The second one is from under the carb box). i don’t have the grommet/rubber piece that goes in the back of the carb at the air-gas mixture screw so I assume it is leaking out there? Thanks
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Post by 2003stellaDave »

Could be gas and oil. Looks like a lot of grime. Clean it up and try not to get any crud into the engine.
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Post by Scrambler17 »

Stella is a dirty girl. Most likely carb blow by. yeah, if you don't have that plug in the airbox it all leaks out there. Mine looks about the same, but I haven't had it on the wheel/hub.
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The rubber grommet is the winter plug. Pull it out in the winter for less dense air. Nobody does that!

Don't forget to once in a while retorque bolts but yeah they are messy.

To degrease I get a couple of cans of CRC electrical contact cleaner, put down a bunch of newspaper and spray the snot out of it. You will be pleasantly surprised and you don't need to put water on your motor!
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