Parts for routine maintenance?

The original 2-stroke Genuine scooter and its 4-stroke manual and automatic offspring

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Mikey C
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Parts for routine maintenance?

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I have a Stella 4T that I bought when they first came out. I left it outdoors and it has aged quite a bit. I'd like to go through and replace all the little rubber bits that have worn out, but I can't seem to find an online retailer who carries a lot of the things I am looking for. I would have expected blown out diagrams and the ability to pick out all the bits and pieces, but...

Also, it seems like lots of places list "performance" parts but that lots of them are out of stock. Is there some secret place to get these parts? Do I go looking for other models? All help is greatly appreciated for this noob.

artfull dodger
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The 4T and 4 auto are harder to find parts for as they came at the end of the LML lifespan. Where as the 2T were the same as the Px150 Vespa design, which has tons of aftermarket stuff out there. You might talk to Scooterwest out in Cali and see if they know where to find the bits your looking for. Or message Scooter Mercato ect. Dont always go by just whats on the website, sometimes there is more they dont have listed. Or they might know smaller shops that do not have an E store that have what your looking for. Good luck in your hunt. AD
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