Stella 2t engine replacement

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Stella 2t engine replacement

Post by Bnutty »

Okay take it easy on me now

Im in the market for a new engine . Used or new I don't care I just want to be able to ride my scoot this season . The only semi reasonable ones I found are on ebay (lml 5 port) . Anyone have experience with these engines ?

I tried to find used engines locally so I can rebuild and havent had any luck. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
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Re: Stella 2t engine replacement

Post by scooterdork »

I have a 2003 2T Stella engine sitting in my garage, along with the tanks, electric starter etc. It is in very good shape and ran well the last time I fired it up maybe a year ago. The gear stack needs some work but nothing major. New cruciform is in place.

Problem is I live in SLC, Utah. Have no idea how to ship it or what that would cost. Just throwing it out there, as I need to sell it. I've converted my Stella to electric.
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