Disassembling 2014 Stella Body

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Disassembling 2014 Stella Body

Post by Wyo16 »

I have a 2014 Stella that has some minor body damage from hauling on a motorcycle rack. I was going to repair the damaged area and repaint, but now I am thinking about a total repaint, to a color that matches my Bronco. Does anyone have any tips or links to disassembling the body? I have briefly looked it over and it seems like it could be a lot of work.
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Re: Disassembling 2014 Stella Body

Post by tev »

here’s a couple ways i was involved in repainting. when i repainted my vespa i removed the racks, seat… just the easy stuff including the motor. taped everything off and pained from there. easy peasy. done over a weekend.
my friend stripped his down to the bones. removing everything including the steering column et al. took everything apart. but that gave him the opportunity to replace cables and such as well. much longer and more entailed process.

both paint jobs turned out fine. and personally, i’m not into complicated tasks.
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