g400c...any guess who makes it?

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g400c...any guess who makes it?

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happy for genuine to see the g400c is finally gone from status of apparition (like a ghost) to having an actual physical presence on U.S. soil; now my gears are turning...who manufactures it? there is an uncanny parallel to modern Yamaha SR400's (with the addition of an electric start)...the g400c even has a dry sump oil system with remote tank under the seat as shown in this video:

did anyone get the license plate number of the bus that just hit me?!?
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Post by Dooglas »

Don't need to guess. The G400c is made by Shinray in China. Shinray also builds the very similar Mash line of motorcycles currently sold in Europe.
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Post by GregsBuddy »

You nailed it!
~27 HP @ 6,500RPM
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Very basic and possibly reliable.
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I propose that this topic be shifted to the fancy new G400 section of the forum.
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I believe Shineray made the Honda CL400 (1998-2000) & Honda 400SS (2002-2008) I watched dozens of Youtube videos on these, there are hundreds of them. But none are in English, all Youtube videos of these are in Japanese or (I think) Russian.
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