Not a G400C but I really like this

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Not a G400C but I really like this

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Janus Gryffin 250 ( ... otorcycle/) Even though it's only a 250 (actually 229cc) I really love the look of this bike. I think it would make a great city bike especially with that rear rack. It's just too bad it costs so dang much - US$7,000(!). It is a semi-custom bike though so I guess there's that. It does sound well made:

"Its materials are chosen for durability and longevity: industrial-grade powder-coated frame and main components; stainless steel exhaust, spokes, wear components, and handlebars; aluminum fuel tank and anodized aluminum rims."

For sure I'd want it in green. Time to buy some lottery tickets...

They have a couple of other bikes on offer and they too look pretty interesting. All made in the USA though I think the engine is from China. The shocks are actually pretty decent being IKON.
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Good looking bike. Janus makes street versions too.
I wonder how well that DKW style fork handles during city commutes.
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