Got a G400C? Post Your First Ride Impression Here!

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Got a G400C? Post Your First Ride Impression Here!

Post by jrsjr »

We are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from the first owners. Be sure to post lots of photos!

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Post by velobuff »

Anyone get one yet? There's one at my local scooter shop that's looking reeeeeal good. But then so are some other scrambler style motorcycles for 1/2 the price on CL that have been used for a year or 2 :/
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Post by Syd »

The Genuine dealer in Prescott, AZ, a town of about 40,000 souls, is better than the one dealer in Phoenix metro. The Prescott dealer, Powersports Outlet, has a G400C in stock. I sat on it and was surprised that I (all 6'3" of me) could ride it.

I won't, but I could.

They also have an SYM Wolf 300 in stock.
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Post by dasscooter »

I sure see a lot of Bonnevilles running around but no G400's.

It's a tough market for the G400 when a used Bonneville is cheaper and will hold it's value.
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Post by DrScoot »

I picked up one of these a few days ago. I have been riding a Buddy 150 for around 6 years now (commuting). Love that little guy, never had a single issue, just routine maintenance etc. However, I moved to a location that pretty much keeps me from riding to work (all routes eventually hit 60-70mph), thus I decided to go ahead and try this machine out. I will say, although I love genuine, I was looking for a similar sized bike by other companies (especially since this is not a common bike/manufacturer) but I live in a dead zone for anything that is not a Harley. I found a genuine dealer an hour away and gave it a go.

So far I thoroughly enjoy it. I am not keen on a massive bike so I like the size. For what it is it really has a pep to it and did not have any issues going at the higher speeds I mentioned previously. So far nothing but enjoyment. I do realize I have no other motorcycle experience to truly gauge this machine. In that sense I am probably exactly the person Genuine was trying to hit with the G400C. The seat is a little hard (maybe just needs to get worn in). I have read some concern about the brakes, but the brakes do not seem bad at all. No ABS just means more practice slamming the brakes but its no different in the braking scheme of the scooters and thus is familiar to me.

So far no complaints. Will update when I have some.
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Post by Dooglas »

Thanks for your report. Looking forward to an update and some pictures after you have owned it for a while. I did a sit test on one at my dealer. At 5'9" I seemed to fit it well. I was impressed by the fit and finish.
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