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GLOVES: Glo Gloves

Post by jess »

I spotted these nifty gloves on the Head To The Hills night ride -- one of the Napa Valley scooterists (John) was wearing them. I didn't know what they were called or who made them, but a few quick google searches and I had tracked them down. They're called Glo Gloves, and I bought them from Pedestrian & Safety Products. Here is the product page. They cost $19.00 and shipping (according to my invoice) was free.

I was riding behind John for much of that night ride (and, come to think of it, much of the whole rally. Hmmmm.) Anywho, John used them quite effectively to signal direction, indicate caution, and generally direct my attention to the various hazards of riding at night. They are exceedingly bright when a headlight hits them -- much brighter even than the turn signals, and much more versatile. They have a yellow triangle on the back of the hand, along with a short bar on each finger, and a red triangle on the palm of the hand. John used the palm effectively to tell those of us behind him that we should be slowing down, and I immediately got it.

They're actually not really a full glove -- they're a very thin stretchy material, with no fingers, designed to be worn over a real glove. There's also a model that is padded and probably appropriate for cycling, but I figured the extra padding would just make it difficult to wear over my real gloves. I wouldn't have thought of doing it this way if I were designing them, but in retrospect it makes a lot of sense. People are particular about what gloves they wear, and having something that fits over your preferred gloves would seem to please the widest possible audience.

If you have an agency affiliation (i.e. law enforcement or public safety) you can buy a model that has a red stop symbol in the palm instead of a red triangle -- that particular model is designed for traffic control.

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Reflective gloves...

Post by Drumwoulf »

You can get reflective safety gloves from Home Depot for $20 also. I don't know how abrasion resistant they'd be tho...

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Post by KRUSTYburger »

A friend of mine gave me some Glo Gloves they won @ a rally and I love them. They even make a huge difference in daylight.
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Post by gearhead »

what... a... great invention :D
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Post by ericalm »

My cold-weather Belstaff gloves have reflective darts (that 3M super-reflective material) on the fingers. Even that little bit is highly visible from a good distance.
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Post by Tomas4785 »

Ahah :D :D
I have almost the same
Need to say, works great 8)
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Post by poalsd »

wow, looking fantastic
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