SCOOTERS: Honda Reflex (by a Reflex and Buddy owner)

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SCOOTERS: Honda Reflex (by a Reflex and Buddy owner)

Post by Drumwoulf »

Someone on this forum asked me by PM to tell him about my 250cc Honda Reflex, which I did. Since this forum says it's for Buddys, "and other things scooter related", I thot it might be fun to also post it publicly.. :?:

The Reflex is a Honda, and as such has great reliability (especially the motor and tranny), and great dealer coverage. (Even tho most Honda dealers are mostly interested in selling big-bucks MCs and vitually ignore scooters...) There's also a great Yahoo group of Reflex fans :!:

The Reflex is quick, and one can make it faster with a simple K-Mod. And it's seating may be comfortable, depending on what you like... Because while it looks like a long crotch rocket, it actually seats like a cruiser with high bars and a feet forward slouch required. :(
Also the underseat storage is very good. And oil changes are easily done by yourself. My Reflex gets about 65-70 MPG's, but I'm a fairly conservative rider. :lol:

But it's suspension is not too good. Careful attention has to be payed to it's shocks settings and tire pressures to keep your neck from being <jolted> on minor road bumps! :cry: The fairing is neat tho, with good weather and wind protection that again can be made better by installing an after-market Givi windshield. It's a bit like riding a mini-Gold Wing, because the fairing is a few feet away from you so you feel like you're sitting back in the middle of the bike. :wink:

IMO they're WAY overpriced (new) for what you get! :shock: -Body work is all fairly thin plastic that you have to be careful with. However there are lots of good used ones out there; I bought my '04 (with 900 miles) in late '05 for $3700, which is $2K cheaper than a new one. Not an unusual purchase... :wink:

It's a great fun runner that can also be used for (solo) touring while still being light enough to throw around easily around town. But it's a bit underpowered and cramped (IMO) for extended two-up touring. IMO a 400 Burgie or Majesty would be better for that purpose...

You really have to sit on one to see if it fits you. Because after several thousand miles now I'm finding that the Flex's seating position is giving me neck aches (even with a seat pad), and so am planning to sell or trade it in for a GT-200 Vespa that has a better suspension and a more upright seating position.. But if you like the way this scoot fits you, the Reflex can be a fantastic ride..! :o

But I gotta tell ya, for short rides (60 miles or less), I enjoy riding my Buddy a helluva lot more than the larger Flex! -But then I've always been sort of a small bike fan; believing it has more of the real 'essence' of motorbike riding, more soul..! 8) So even if I do get a new Vespa GT200, the Buddy's staying!!!

07 Buddy 125
07 Vespa GT200
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Post by synaps3 »

This is an OLD topic, but I'll chime in, because I'm a convert.

My old bike was a Honda Reflex. The previous owner had wrapped it around a tree, and I restored it from the ground up. Once fixed, the Reflex was a great daily commuter for me, for more than a year.

I'm switching to something smaller (a Buddy 125) because commuting on the interstate on the Reflex is just too much. I did it for a long time, but the Reflex is still too small and light to not get blown around on the interstate. You need at least a 400cc or a 650cc bike to really keep with traffic. I would never consider taking our buddy on the highway; it would be suicide.

The Buddy has a smoother ride, but is louder because it is not watercooled like the Reflex. The Reflex is obviously better for two-up riding, because of the extra power.

The Reflex got me around 60mpg, the Buddy gets closer to 90mpg.

The Reflex feels like a motorcycle -- not a scooter. The Buddy, an inexperienced rider can pick it up and just go. The motions come naturally, and riding it is easy. The Reflex has a learning curve, and should not be ridden as a first bike (although, it was my first).

I think the Buddy is more comfortable than the Reflex, because of the aforementioned "slouch." I could ride our Buddy all day, but the Reflex maxes out at a couple of hours -- especially with highway driving.

Maintenance and reliability are almost identical for both bikes. The Reflex is harder to fix, because of size and complexity (water-cooled vs air-cooled). The Buddy has this forum, whereas the Reflex has a really awesome Yahoo group, so the communities are similar.

Parts availability is about the same for both, but price is certainly better on the Buddy.

While you can't find a Reflex new anymore (discontinued as-of 2009), a used Reflex can be found for $2000+, just over the price of a used Buddy.

Overall, I am selling my Reflex, commuting in a car, and riding our Buddy 125 around town for fun. The bottom line is, the Reflex can go on the highway. If you have to go above 55mph ever, or have to deal with semi trucks, you would want the additional size and weight of the Reflex. That makes Buddy vs Reflex an apples vs oranges comparison -- they are completely different vehicles, in completely different classes. Your needs should make it very clear which one is a good choice.

Finally, the Buddy is just fun. I liked riding the Reflex, and it saved me a buttload of money in gas and parking... But I never really had fun riding until we got the Buddy.

Quick cost comparison:
- Used 2001 Honda Reflex, red(totalled, 12k miles): $1000 + $500 in parts, days of labor...
>> Minimum insurance with Progressive: $90 / yr

- Used 2008 Buddy 125, red (45 miles): $1500
>>Minimum insurance with Progressive: $40/yr
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2007 Reflex

Post by scootenal »

Mine has 36,000+ miles on it. I have road it to Iowa & Key West from Alabama. It has preformed flawless, with no trouble. I am not afraid to take it anywhere. One time, I went 650 miles in one day. It uses no oil.
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