SCOOTERS: Genuine Buddy 125

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SCOOTERS: Genuine Buddy 125

Post by gt1000 »

Seems obvious, doesn't it? We have this nice review section along with an appeal for more reviews yet there's no actual review of the Buddy. Seems to me that newbies coming here would be most interested in the scoot itself, so here goes...

The real reason I'm writing this is that my 2006 Sunset 125 just rolled over the 3000 mile mark. My previous scooter encountered all kinds of issues in its first 3000 miles and, indeed, didn't quite make it to 3000 while the Buddy 125 has been an absolute joy to own. In the nearly two years I've owned it, it's had 3 oil changes and has used nary a drop of additional oil. It's also completely stock but with a Stebel horn. I've debadged it and also removed the DOT turn signals.

I purchased this Buddy from Sportique in October of 2006. Paid list price plus the standard taxes and titling fees. At the time, I test drove the Kymco People 150 and also had experience with the LX-150 and Fly 150. While I believe all of these scooters are fine machines, the Buddy sold me within the first mile of my test ride. The two big reasons for this are the fun factor and the value factor. At the time, the Buddy was by far the best value. It still is, but today I'd buy a 150 and it is a bit pricier than the 125. The Buddy is also exceptionally quick and nimble for a 125 and it really blew the wheels off the Piaggio products. My Sunset Buddy is also a surprisingly high quality product from the fit and finish angle. When it's washed and cleaned up, it still looks like a brand new scooter. I cannot say that about my Ducati GT, although it too still looks great.

The Buddy isn't perfect. Better wheels and better suspension would probably make it perfect but these additions would also reduce the value. The LX and Fly both ride better and, at least to me, the handling of the LX is preferable. Not necessarily better, but the LX is very stable and its ride over rough surfaces is much less punishing. Then again, I can usually swerve around any big road imperfections because the Buddy's handling is so quick. The mirrors also aren't great but I actually prefer the original shorter mirrors to the new extended mouse ears. If I could have one thing on my Buddy that's currently not available, it would be a clock built into the instrument panel.

Summing up, my Buddy has given me two years of stellar service. It's the first scooter I can recommend unequivocally.

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Post by Dibber »

My Buddy is a year old now with over 2200 miles. I must agree, it has been a joy to own. No problems with it and it has great performance. I have had two different windscreens however, Ipm 5'9" and the Cupuni Short windscreen forced the air into my face. I had to where a face shield and ear plugs, but it did have great areodynamics, improved top end speed and gas milage. Now I have a Primo Medium windscreen. I can ride it without a face sheild and w/o ear plugs, block the rain great too, but it does seem to lower the top speed a very little bit and not sure on the gas milage as I'm still in the low to mid 90's. Its been a cold spring in Minnesota which may have an effect on my mpg's. Overall, it's a great scooter and couldn't be happier with it.
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Post by Blacklion »

The fit is more relaxed than my 5.0, even though my bomber and my 5.0 are both XL in size. I have more room to move around in, for sure. I'd guess that it's effectively maybe half a size larger -- not so much that I'd want an L instead of an XL, though.
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Buddy 125

Post by Mikestib1 »

wish it had 12" wheels, but I'm buying a used one this week. Giving my wife my Bintelli 50 but not till it gets its 80cc BBK. [/b]
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