Any trouble getting parts?

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Any trouble getting parts?

Post by docjones »

I have wanted a 220i since they came out. Such a great looking scoot. I've had a Kymco, 3 Honda scooters, and now a MP3. I have found getting parts for the MP3 takes time. Like 6 weeks for a OEM fuel filter. Never any problems getting parts for the Kymco or the Hondas. Just wondering if parts are readaly available. I have my eye on one so need to find out if they, Genuine, have plenty of parts?
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Re: Any trouble getting parts?

Post by maxg022 »

I bought a Blur 220i ~6 weeks ago. I have since then bought a V-Belt, Air Filter, Spark Plug and Oil Filter. The V-Belt I ordered via Ebay and it came from Taiwan in about 10 days, but it was rather expensive at ~$100. The Air filter I also ordered via Ebay and it came from the US and it was about $43, but it was new old stock (looks new, but the manufacturing date on the molded plastic frame says 2012!). The CR7E spark plug and HF-197 oil filter were cheap and easily available, $5 and $8.
You can check for parts at, I had been on the phone with them and they seem to have a good selection, although it sounds like some parts like the fuel pump are not in stock and also not easy to get. I'm glad that mine seems to work, but if someone knows if there is compatible alternatives on the market, that would help as well. Same applies for the V-Belt, where the original one seems expensive.
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