Eletrical Problems with 20011 Blur

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Eletrical Problems with 20011 Blur

Post by Bobertec »

I have a 2011 Blur 220i(1,350 mi) with electrical problems.

The 15 amp fuse keeps blowing. I'll ride it (at any given speed and duration) and the rmp indicator goes all the way up then down. Note the actual engine does not rev up, just the indicator). This sign tells me that the fuse has just blown. If I decrease the throttle...the scooter will die (no electrical power...as if there is no battery). I can still ride it as long as I gas the thing. Replacing the blown fuse solves the problem.

When under warranty, I had the mechanic (authorized dealer) try to fix the issue and he had some difficulties. He got it to run, but with out the usb recharging option running. I wanted it to work so he ended up replacing the wiring harness.
It was working about a year ago and then I stored it for another year.

I have replaced the battery and serviced it (engine & gear oil, and Air filter, new gas and fuel injection additive).
The engine's idle sounds good, consistent, and smooth.
The scooter is quick and responsive and I can achieve top speed.
When running It get 13-13 1/2 volts

It's the random blowing of the 15 amp fuse that's a pain.

Is there a mechanical diagram/specs (other than the owner's manual) for the scooter? I'd like to see the mapping of the fuses (maybe disconnecting the usb might help???).
Possible grounding?

Unfortunately I am past the warranty.
Are there any recalls that I may have missed?
Anyone else having the same issues?
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Post by chickdr »

This guy has exactly the same issue... I hope mine doesn't start this. i will be getting rid of it if it does.

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