Prima Windscreen Brackets Break

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Prima Windscreen Brackets Break

Post by roblinx »

I bought a new Blur in 2014, and I bought the Prima windscreen at that time. Since then I've replaced the brackets 3 times due to them breaking. It's always at the same spot: the first mounting hole after the curve.

Of course it's metal fatigue--the windscreen takes a lot of wind pressure and it bounces when I go over bumps--but the last pair only lasted 3 months, and I've barely been riding it (it's winter in Chicago).

Can anyone suggest a brand with heavier-duty parts, or perhaps replacement brackets that don't suck? I don't want to spend $45 on brackets twice a year.
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Post by toot »

Get a Puig I had it on my Blur 220 when I had it.. I was great.. I posted something a while back about it, Posted pictures. Maybe you can find it. Ride safe!!!
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Post by viney266 »

Its the "bounce" that is wrecking the parts. Solve that.
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