Riding on the passenger seat (safety issue?)

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Riding on the passenger seat (safety issue?)

Post by kirknkona »

I've only had my Blur a few days. It's my first scooter and I'm brand new to riding. I'm finding myself a little cramped in the cockpit and the bike seems to fit better when I'm halfway back on the passenger seat. My legs stretch out to a better position and the handlebars aren't as close and confining. I wish the passenger seat wasn't stepped up but what are you going to do? My question maybe silly but, with so little experience, I'm not sure if this position presents a danger in how the bike will handle. I have been riding extremely conservatively as I'm still learning. Does anybody out there ride back on the passenger seat? Any other suggestions for getting comfortable? :roll:
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Post by babblefish »

I'm only 5'7" so I don't feel the need to scoot back on the seat. Still, I prefer to keep my weight as far forward as possible anyway to put more weight on the front tire for better handling and control. It also makes it easier to get up off the seat in case I go over a pot hole or road debris that I can't avoid. This is one of the reasons I don't like riding cruiser type motorcycles. Besides being uncomfortable, it just doesn't feel right or safe sitting so far back with my legs stretched out in front.
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Post by Dooglas »

Like Babblefish, I am not very tall (5'9") and usually fit comfortably in the front "pocket" of scooter seats that are stepped. However, others have commented that they have reshaped the foam of their scooter seat in order to allow them to comfortably sit further back. I'd say do what works best for you.
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Post by Bergerbot »

I too am 5'11 and the Blur is just fine. The Blur wasn't made for people who are extremely tall or even really much after 6ft. I've never felt the need to scoot back on the seat and I have a 2010 Blur. I ride with a passenger all the time and they really enjoy that back section, specifically because it does sit up higher, enabling better views.
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