Rattler 110 Throttle cable for arreche 821/3 carb

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Rattler 110 Throttle cable for arreche 821/3 carb

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What throttle cable did you use when you installed the arreche 821/3. Mine was slightly too short to clear around the under seat carrier so I had to melt and deform the carrier to allow it to pass by.
Now it seems like I can get the idle down without It being raised by the seat shifting. It still is likely too short and I wonder if it is pulling on the oil pump cable because I get a lot of loading up and coughing after cold start.

It's almost so bad right now that it won't clear out even if I try slowly rolling through the throttle positions.

I'm going to modify my artichoke today I think to use it as an adapter for the manual choke I had for the stock carb. We'll see if that gives me enough info to work with to figure it out.
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