Roughouse 49cc vs Buddy 49cc

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Roughouse 49cc vs Buddy 49cc

Post by birdmove »

I am considering one of these two mopeds, as that is what they are classed as here in Hawaii. No annual license tags, insurance is optional, and no mc endorsement needed. I may buy two, as my wife rides and we have ridden together often.

Maybe some of you can write why you chose the Roughouse over the Buddy, and your comments may help me choose. I'm 65 and have ridden motorcycles and scooters since I was 8. I'm downsizing here, but a moped will be able to do quite a bit of my running around, and license tags here are about $88 a year on a motorcycle or scooter.

Thanks for your comments, and I look forward to reading them.
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Post by lovemysan »

Roughhouse has higher top speed, taller seat height, softer ride, factory foot pegs are really ergonomic, better off-road, bigger tires. Cons would be front fork too soft(was on mine), seat not super comfortable after 1 hour, You have to unload the rack to add gas. Need the key out to open seat or fuel, headlight straight up sucks.

Buddy 50 is lighter by a smidge, the pet carrier is bigger and more useable, seats more comfortable, the handling is more direct and nimble, the headlight is far superior, the taillight is led and really bright, the front glove box is bigger, ride is stiffer, key stays in the ignition for opening seat and fuel. The pet carrier is easier to remove for servicing the carb and it’s slightly easier to remove the carb. Cons legroom and curved floorboard it just isn’t as comfy as the r50 but the seats better. Ride is stiff. No stock luggage rack.

Either bike is good bike. I think the buddy is the better bike for me. I can carry more junk on the buddy. I sold my motorcycle and kept the buddy because it’s way more utilitarian.
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