Average speeds on Roughouse Sport

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Average speeds on Roughouse Sport

Post by Seamusal »

I have nearly 1000 miles on my Derestricted RH very pleased at this point. Riding at 35-45 mph, my dealer says it's best to keep going near top end most of the time. What about Engine Longevity when operating in this range. I am more between 35-40 typically. Opinions from long-term RH owners with many miles on their own RH, thanks
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Post by Stanza »

Near top end? As in redlining it all the time? I can't imagine that'd be great for engine lifespan.....
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Post by scootiebob »

I went to 3000 Miles completely stock except derestricted still topping out at 43MPH GPS.

I also Followed the break in directions for the first few hundred miles exactly and never went wide open until the recommended mileage I think it was 600 miles or 800 miles.
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