New to the forum. 2016 Roughhouse R50

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New to the forum. 2016 Roughhouse R50

Post by davidhutchins09 »

Hi guys, just joined this forum after a month or so of reading posts in here. Is this still pretty active?

I bought a 2016 Roughhouse R50 for $300 about a month and a half ago, and im loving it. I got it running and in perfect shape, added a Yasumi Z pipe, 90 jet, 6g roller weights, and a custom fender delete and turn signal relocation. My near future plans for the scoot is a 70cc kit, new tires, and transmission upgrades. Later, I am thinking about lowering it and possibly figuring out a stretch.
Yasuni Z Pipe, 90 Main Upjet, 6G Roller Weights
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Post by RiderK »

Welcome to the forum brother. This place used to be pretty active and sometimes still is but it's a bit slower then it used to be. Could just be the Roughhouse section, I don't know. Again welcome and I hope you're enjoying the RH. I've had my 2014 since late summer of 14 if I remember correctly. I'm actually on here now looking to reacclimate and possibly document some performance building I'm about to undergo. Parts and boxes are stacking up over here and I'm getting anxious to upgrade and tune some more. Anyway, enough about me. Where are you from man? What got you to dive in to the scooter world? Oh and congratulations on a fine deal for one of the best all around 50cc scoots for real life, my opinion.
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Post by OBX Dan »

The roughhouse is a tough scooter. I have a 2016 Roughhouse Sport. You should keep in mind though that upgrading to performance bits will make your scoot less reliable. You are pushing the limits with these upgrades, which is fun, but if you're a daily rider I advise against it.
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