Any new headlight bulb replacements?

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Any new headlight bulb replacements?

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I just bought my son a RH 50 to get to work on. First dark ride was almost blind. The headlight was pointed at the top of the trees. I adjusted it, but as is pretty well known, it’s awfully dim. I have searched, but only coming up with the PIAA 70473 as a direct replacement. All of the headlight posts are pretty dated. Has anything better been developed?

Thank you.
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The problem that some folks encountered with the higher wattage bulbs was that the stator couldn't output much more, and/or the extra heat would cause damage to the housing/socket/wires. You might be better served looking at the H4 LED replacements, but those being DC, they might have problems on the AC lighting circuit.

Are you sure your headlight is getting full voltage though? If you can check the voltage at the bulb, that'd tell whether it's just a dim headlight vs low power from a bad regulator (not uncommon with these).
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I also thought the same thing that I couldn't see anything, but my headlight was also pointed at the trees, it is a little dim but with high beams on I find it to be sufficient while riding in the dark.
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