Rattler 110 exhaust noise

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Rattler 110 exhaust noise

Post by Wrattler312 »

New guy here. So my Rattler 110 came with a Prima Pipe. It’s cool that I got one buts it’s too loud. Would repacking insulation and wrapping the pipe quiet it down a bit? Also someone mentioned this might work and be a lot quieter.
https://www.partsforscooters.com/190-68 ... aust-Black

Will this work being that I have 110cc or will it even fit?
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Post by RiderK »

Yes you should be able to re-pack the silencer. I used to have a 110 with a Prima pipe but I cant remember if the silencer is riveted together or held with screws or bolts. I'd assume its riveted and if so you'll have to drill the heads off to release the rivets. Slide the perforated core out and remove the old packing. Clean all of the old oil residue with carb cleaner, brake cleaner, or mineral spirits ect. There are numerous brands of 2 stroke silencer packing. Wrap the core fully but not tightly. If its too tight it'll be loud and if it's too loose it'll be loud. Get rid of all the airspace without making it tight and you'll be good. Its really a pretty easy job and you'll be proud of doing it yourself. It should be MUCH quieter but won't be as quiet as the stock pipe. You can get a hand rivet tool kit with stainless rivets for fairly cheap. Also, the Minarelli pipe you linked most likely would need modification in order to fit. The flange that mounts to the cylinder usually needs cut off, spun 90 degrees, then rewelded so it'll match the exhaust flange on the cylinder. That was my experience with Minarelli 90-100cc exhaust at least. I'm not sure how the bracket that mounts to the case would line up but should be fairly close. Any descent welder with some fabricating experience would probably fit that exhaust will little issue, but I'm just assuming.
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