2018 Roughhouse 50 won't start! https://streamable.com/1y0o9

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2018 Roughhouse 50 won't start! https://streamable.com/1y0o9

Post by Tomwaitsfornoman »

Bought a used 2018 RH50, 8500 miles a month ago. Ran perfectly for about three weeks, then over two days the ignition process lengthened, and now it won't turn over at all. Lights and turn signals work fine.

I've charged the battery, and replaced the spark plug. The original spark plug wasn't in great condition, but seemed ok. The new plug didn't spark when held against the frame, so I dabbed some fuel on it and it sparked fine. Put a little fuel into the spark plug socket and put the plug back in, but no change.

It doesn't kick start, but unfortunately I never tried to kick start it before this all happened so not sure if it ever really did.

What's next on the to do list?

Below is a video! It alternates between these two sounds when trying the electric start.

Kill switch is definitely in the right position!


Appreciate any advice
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Post by Stanza »

Your battery is either toast, or the engine is resisting rotation more than it should (seize). My money is on a weak battery though. They can show as fully charged, and then fall on their face as soon as you ask them to crank the motor over. If you want to rule that out, put a volt meter on the battery and watch the voltage when you crank it over. If it drops below 11, that battery is now a paperweight.

This being said, the roughhouse is fully capable of kick starting with the battery stone-dead, or even removed entirely from the bike. Try kicking it a few times (stand at the back left corner, key on, kill-switch in the "run" position), don't bother reaching forward to the bars, just grab the rear rack and kick down and forward (the kick start lever rotates from the 3 o'clock position to the 7 o'clock position, so kick it all the way through).

If the engine is healthy, and the fuel system is working (no electricity involved in the fuel system btw), it should fire up within a few kicks.
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