Hey look a Roughhouse 50!

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Hey look a Roughhouse 50!

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Before I even got into scooters 4+ years ago, a neighbor not more than 4 houses down parked his 2012 Roughhouse after hitting a raccoon. I didn't know about this bike until his wife snagged me while I was fixing my Land Cruiser.

"Hey, we have a scooter we want to get rid of!"

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I offered a couple hundred bucks because I figured at least the plastics were pretty good, if the front part of the frame was bent.

That was a couple weeks ago. The raccoon damage consisted of a walloped and seized front brake caliper. the brake fluid was gone, and the caliper was firmly locked to the disc. But this was also a relatively high-miles scoot at about 10K on the clock. But... I had a nice 2K miles drivetrain from a salvage roughhouse on hand, along with everything else I might need.

Here's the final(ish) result. Now I have a Roughhouse 50! NCY front caliper and floorboard, upgraded LED headlight, and a lot of cleaning/adjusting. Thankfully I had a rust-free exhaust on hand as well.
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