What weight sliders to buy

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What weight sliders to buy

Post by Toolbagtyler »

I have a 2021 roughhouse derestricted with the sport exhaust and 90 main jet. I weigh around 270 right now 🤦‍♂️ and am looking to get a little more pick up and power up hills. What weight sliders and or rollers would you guys recommend? Also should I change the contra spring or could I leave it alone?
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Re: What weight sliders to buy

Post by sc00ter »

It's been forever since I did a tune on a Stage 1 set-up, but if I recall correct I ran a mix of 5.5 and 6 gram rollers with a 10% increase of the contra spring. I weigh around 220 but I have zero hills. This was on a pre-bug Zuma with a Yasuni Z exhaust. I still have 2 sets of tuning rollers for setting up whatever I buy next, because the Zuma has a new home. ScooterWorks used to have a good tuning section on their website (or you could email them) but what you are looking for (info for a specific weight rider and terrain) should match up with a Buddy 50 since they are the same motors. I might have posted this question under general discussion? Others will suggest a bbk Stage 2 set-up but I've always felt a good Stage 1 set-up goes plenty fast and the scoot stays reliable. Finally, its harder to sell a bbk scooter if you ever upgrade or quit riding.
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