What weight sliders

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What weight sliders

Post by Toolbagtyler »

I have a 2021 roughhouse derestricted with the sport exhaust and 90 main jet. I weigh around 270 right now 🤦‍♂️ and am looking to get a little more pick up and power up hills. What weight sliders and or rollers would you guys recommend? Also should I change the contra spring or could I leave it alone?
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Re: What weight sliders

Post by Stanza »

For that setup, 7g sliders or rollers would do nicely. Stock is 8.5 if I recall, so this should move your engine rpm up a little during acceleration. I wouldn't bother with a contra spring just yet, wait until you get into big bore kits first (which is the next step, and you'll be glad you did it). I have the same bike, and weigh about the same, and I did the NCY 72 kit, 9g rollers, a 1500rpm clutch spring (Not contra, clutch engagement springs), and set the carb to 40idle/95main, and it's hauling me up to 52 gps verified no problem, with plenty of jump off the line.

There are hotter setups to be sure, but since you already have the sport pipe, this would be a good addition.
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Re: What weight sliders

Post by ericalm »

Moved to Roughhouse Discussion. Thanks!
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Re: What weight sliders/replacement variator nut

Post by Stilltryn »

I recently upgraded to malossi 72 cc kit. Just
Received ( if it means/ makes a difference? A Racing belt Same company as the original belt it
came with. Today I had to jump on that super tran kit All I believe is NCY :-)
So all left would be exhaust and of course
Carb. Other than the puma noise maker...any suggestions?
Also I would like to replace the kickstart/gear washer and variator nut
Where can I order these.
Last thing I recently saw a roughhouse 50. Might of
ben sport version? Want those wind guards and or inserts to end of handle bars..please help
Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to All
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