Yamaha Aerox 155cc VVA hybrid smart scooter

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Yamaha Aerox 155cc VVA hybrid smart scooter

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Maybe one day USA will get scooters with VVA engines (variable valve actuators). Makes a 150cc feel and as torquey as a 300cc. 155cc 17hp stock. 100mpg. This is factory Yamaha oem. Doing simple stuff like lighter wheels without touching the engine and lighter trans parts suddenly your beating Vespa 300cc 65mpg scooters both off the line and top speed and corner to corner with pilot gp Michelin tires on 14 inch wheels. VVA is definitely the way to go in the 125cc-200cc range. A message from the future. Performance off the line off a 300+cc bike due to VVA tech. But with Better mpg.
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