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JACKETS: Corazzo Bomber Is Da Bomb!

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Joined: 09 Jun 2006
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Location: Bay Area, California
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 9:34 pm    Post subject: JACKETS: Corazzo Bomber Is Da Bomb! Reply with quote

Who: Corazzo
What: Bomber Jacket
Where: Local dealers or Metroscoot
How Much: $210

Just got back from my first ride with the brand-new Corazzo Bomber jacket. The executive summary: It Kicks Ass.

Fit & Comfort
First, it's much more comfortable than the Men's 5.0 I've been wearing. It has a wonderful quilted satin-like liner that feels smooth and welcoming when you slip it on. The armor pockets don't catch on your hands, and the velcro closures on the armor pockets don't scratch your skin. This is a huge improvement. The liner is non-removable, which I actually like better than removable ones.

The fit is more relaxed than my 5.0, even though my bomber and my 5.0 are both XL in size. I have more room to move around in, for sure. I'd guess that it's effectively maybe half a size larger -- not so much that I'd want an L instead of an XL, though.

The sleeves seem kind of long when I'm not on the scooter, and hang down a bit. However, they're a perfect fit when I'm riding, and that's a tradeoff I'm completely happy with. The cuffs on the sleeves close with velcro, and these closures are perhaps a little less substantial than the ones on the 5.0 jacket. Interestingly, the exterior shell at the cuffs extends past the interior liner, which makes it possible to roll the cuffs up about two inches (one fold). This makes the sleeves shorter, but makes the velcro cinch unavailable. It might be useful to ride with the sleeves uncuffed (giving more length when needed) and roll the cuffs up when hanging around at rallies.

The collar and the waist are a soft elastic material, and very comfortable.

I'm happy to report that the bomber comes with Knox armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus a flat foam pad over the spine. The shoulder and elbow armor is molded and fits very well. It's also quite removable should you ever need to wash your jacket.

The shell is made of 250-denier nylon for abrasion resistance, and has hidden patches of Cordura for additional abrasion resistance in the elbows and back. This makes the jacket much more pliable and lightweight than the 5.0. Did I mention it was comfortable? See above. There's a zippered armpit vent under each arm, and zippered hand pockets right where you would want them. There's also an additional zippered pocket on the left arm, and a vertically-opening interior zippered pocket just inside the main zipper.

The front zipper is sturdy and made of metal. Just inside the zipper, there's a flap that will keep wind from cutting through the zipper. It's touches like these that make me really like this jacket.

The jacket is black, which is of course always in fashion, although black scooter clothing lacks night-time visibility. To remedy that, there's Scotchlite piping across the front, and a band of Scotchlite perhaps 1" wide all the way across the back. Given past experience with Scotchlite products, this should make it very visible at night-time when hit with a headlight. Fashionable and visible and immune to flash photography. Now how much would you pay?

This jacket is very light. It feels insubstantial at first, as it's pliable and doesn't have any heft that you would normally associate with a heavily armored jacket. However, it's made out of all the right stuff, and it is in fact armored. The quilted liner has a polyester fill, and even though it's not very thick, it's quite warm. It was cold and overcast today, and even with the zippered armpit vents open, I was a tad overwarm.

I love this jacket. I've been resisting sewing my rally patches on any of my other jackets, and now I know why -- this is the jacket that I was waiting for. Comfort, visibility, armor, and abrasion resistance. You just can't beat that combination.

I got mine from Barry at San Francisco Scooter Centre. Of course my wife had to get one too -- turns out they come in women's sizes as well.

NOTE: This review was cross posted from Modern Vespa.
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Joined: 25 Aug 2007
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Location: Santa Fe, N.M.
Buddy 125

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Man!!! You couldn't get me to wear a Corazzo if you paid me. I tried tons of their stuff on, and each one made me just want to take it off immediately. Bleh
Well, I can't say everything. Thay had some t-shirts that were cool while they had t-shirts.
Other than that, I couldn't keep one of their jackets on without cringing. I wear Joe Rocket. It seems to be the only jacket that almost gets female sizing. Corazzo would have except for the fact that they're extremely uncomfortable jackets. Too bad, they had a cute scooter styling for some of their jackets. I much prefer a Joe Rocket Cleo or Luna for the winter.
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corazzo chad

Joined: 10 Jul 2007
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Location: Portland OR
1976 Puch moped

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for your input.

Not all clothes, styles, scooters......retail products of any kind are right for everybody.

The Bomber review was completely unsolicited, as well as all of our rider reviews. We apreciate every ones comments, be them positive or negative, how else would we try and grow as a company.

we want you to be protected while you ride
we just hope you choose our protective riding grear

again thanks and ride safe
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Joined: 25 Aug 2007
Posts: 12
Location: Santa Fe, N.M.
Buddy 125

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I didn't mean to sound bitchy at all. In fact, I was rethinking my post earlier this morning. Sorry for being sour. Good looking jackets, but not my thing. I'm sure they're excellent for a lot of people!
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Joined: 15 Jul 2007
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Location: MN
2007 Pink Buddy 125

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 5:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have the Corazzo 5.0 and that is my jacket of preference. I like the spandex on the sides. The velcro on the collar does sometimes catch my helmet strap, but not that I can't reposition it. The sleeves could be a little bit longer, but that is personal preference and personal fit. Too much longer and it could catch on some gloves. I wouldn't give up my Corazzo 5.0 bubblegum pink and makes me visible.
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