Philadelphia Scooter and MC parking REVOLUTION

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Philadelphia Scooter and MC parking REVOLUTION

Post by redcass »

Hello! If you live in or near Philadelphia and ride your scooter and/or MC in the city, the recent PPA actions have likely made your life more difficult. If you are like me, and want to see FAIR and SECURE parking for all of us in the city, please join the facebook group/coalition that is working to change this. If we unite we CAN effect change!

Yesterday's PPA press release shows us that we have not yet been heard. ... =1&theater

Please join us!

In Solidarity,
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Post by agrogod »

Welcome to the state, er CommonWEALTH, of hands out for taking your money. Golly gee I can park in front of my OWN HOUSE, on the sidewalk, after paying the city to do so. Is it any wonder that I don't go into the city for any reason other than to pass through.
I moved to PA over 20 yrs. ago because my work at the time warranted it, if I knew then what I know now I would have avoided that decision like the plague.
And what the hell is a parking corral? Might as well say "Hey thieves here's a bunch of MC's and scooters, pick one to steal." Hope this doesn't turn into another Boston circus.
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Post by viney266 »

Considering moving to PA from can't be worse than MD. :)

I will check it out on FB, good luck on change...I do wish you luck...common sense and Govt' seem to be becoming mutually exclusive.
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